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Big data: new opportunities or an empty talk?

December 4, 2014

The solution uses different types of components. The challenge for enterprise data is that it is widely distributed on a variety of technology and data platforms. For example, retail, telecommunications and digital social media use structured data, similar to the form; and the enterprise data is distributed in the host, ETL (extraction, transformation and loading) tools, virtual layer, database, business intelligence (BI) database, transaction database and hundreds of other components, these technologies have been developing in the past 30 years. What's worse, each application uses different data models, which makes data integration with its related technology platform more and more complex. Therefore, it is hard to create direct value by accessing the enterprise data with the current big data tools.

This is why most business problems in an enterprise are not related to large data.These business problems are actually distributed data problems: In this model, information, data, value and analysis are widely distributed in different locations, technology platforms and data sources.However, we continue to use the same centralized model as before to solve this increasingly serious distributed problem.These centralized models can play a big role when users are able to access data stably through the common appearance of the interface, as is often the case in new success stories in industries such as social media and digital retailing.But the centralized model does not solve the banking, insurance, healthcare and other broad business problems.