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Smart home solution for Internet of things based on scene building intelligent products

April 15, 2016

User experience is a core pain point in the field of smart home

With the continuous improvement of consumers' demand for convenience, safety and comfort, traditional home appliance manufacturers, Internet giants and other enterprises have been cutting into the smart home market from different angles and widely layouts. At present, because of the popularity of WiFi network in the home environment, smart home equipment mainly adopts WiFi and other close range communication technology to realize intercommunication. The main problem is to face the following problems:

A complex network configuration, poor user experience: networking equipment using WiFi solutions, to the relatively complex network configuration, can realize the intelligent networking equipment, resulting in poor user experience, networking equipment rate is low, enterprises need to free allocation of Home Furnishing intelligent network solutions;

Two, network connection is not reliable. In indoor environment, the wall will cause much attenuation to WiFi and other signals, so that some family intelligent devices in the blind area, such as kitchen appliances, may be unable to work normally because of weak network signals.

Three. Not always online: using WiFi short distance communication technology, intelligent devices can not always be alone in the network, WiFi equipment failure or failure, will cause the device dropped, unable to provide intelligent services for users, not for the whole life cycle management of equipment;

Four, different brands of devices cannot be interconnected: users usually buy more than one brand, but vendors are self-organized. The transport protocols used by different products are not uniform, resulting in devices being unable to interact and fragmentation of smart home scenes.