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Data center migration, most afraid of encountering these problems

November 20, 2017

Enterprises to change the office address, the most troublesome problem is the relocation of data centers, data center relocation is not so simple, whether it can be a smooth relocation, will become a key element to ensure business continuity, IDC data Center selection process will revolve around the most suitable environment variables, how to define requirements, To select the appropriate IDC provider and negotiate the actual migration to the details of the new space and other factors, all need to be rigorously evaluated, the following look from the preset data center migrated to IDC data Center considerations.

Common problems of data center migration

(1) the leadership is not clear

The most common mistake in the planning stage is the failure to establish clear leadership. This means determining who is responsible for clear communication and leading the team at all stages of the migration process. In a single department, the way to represent their best interests will be adopted by default. The project leader must be fair and fair, and he needs to understand and accurately reflect the goals and standards of success for each team. This person must also have good executive power and communication skills to keep everyone committed to the same goal.

(2) lack of a complete infrastructure assessment

The most common error in the exploration process is the lack of a complete infrastructure assessment. Especially for each rack and each device's document and its associated application. This assessment should pay attention to everything, including physical and virtual devices, network devices, network topology and so on. Don't take shortcuts to migrate too much information because there are no such devices.

Hints: including assessing the interdependence of business and technology. For example, applications, networks, and database servers, and other related applications must be migrated as a package.

(3) underestimation of migration time

In the actual migration process, a common mistake is not setting realistic time expectations. Production migration is essentially slower than testing migration because they need more care and attention to details.

Hint: use test migration to assess the actual migration time. You will be surprised to see how long it takes for some applications. Don't expect the migration process to wait.