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Difference and selection between Single-mode fiber and multimode fiber

November 20, 2017

With the requirement of communication transmission more and more high, optical fiber with its fast transmission speed, distance, security and stability, anti-interference, easy expansion and so on the advantages of more and more people in the communications laying the first choice.We often see the need for long-distance data transmission in building intelligent projects, basically using optical fiber transmission.But a user on the use of the process has found that the fiber has a single mode fiber and multimode fiber, then the difference between the two, what the different occasions, this article is to do a simple answer.

First of all, regardless of single-mode fiber or multimode fiber, are for long-distance high-quality transmission of data, the difference is that the light transmission mode, light in Single-mode fiber is transmitted along the line, do not reflect, so its propagation distance is very far.Multimode fiber can carry the transmission of multi-channel optical signals.

Single-mode Fiber is only one (most applications for two strands) of glass fiber fiber, core diameter is 8.3μm~10μm, only one transmission mode.The bandwidth of single-mode fiber is higher than that of multimode fiber, but the spectral width and stability of the light source are higher, that is, the spectral width is narrower and the stability is better.The transmission rate of single-mode fiber is higher than multimode fiber, and transmission distance is more than 50 times times higher than multimode fiber, so its price is higher than multimode fiber.

Compared with multimode fiber, the core diameter of single-mode fiber is much smaller, the characteristics of small core diameter and single mode transmission make the optical signal transmitted in single-mode fiber not distorted by the overlapping of optical pulses.In all optical fiber types, Single mode fiber has the lowest signal attenuation rate and the highest transmission speed.