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Prussian Certified Engineer Training(POCE)

October 29, 2017

PROUST / Proust is committed to providing the Proust-certified system designers to serve customers through the most comprehensive and effective training procedures and support programs. Our Global Network Certification Engineer Program provides a full range of services.

PROUST / Proust Certified Engineer Program is the most well-known and experienced training in the industry. PROUST / Proust believes that these engineers will have comprehensive practical experience and expertise to meet your requirements through this program.

PROUST / Proust offers the updated training for certified engineers periodically to ensure their expertise of PROUST / Proust solution is updated and adequate to be offered to our customers in common.

The plan provides the latest development of our products and related products. The program allows our certified engineers to ensure that they have a keen understanding not just of the wiring infrastructure, but also the entire network system. Many participants in training programs use our training procedures to plan new service products to ensure their ongoing work is of perfect value.