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PROUST International Networks

As the general agent of Proust International Network Co., Ltd in China, Nanjing Proust Network Technology Co., Ltd makes the solemn vow to ensure the quality of the products and technical innovation. With the help of advanced technology, the latest equipment and proactive management, the company has been persistent in fulfilling its commitments. At present, Proust International Network Co., Ltd. has been recognized as an important manufacturer of generic cabling applications, as well as noted for its innovative products which can provide maximal reliability at the lowest installation cost. The international reputation makes the company keep on top in today's competitive world cabling market.

PROUST company history

Proust International Network Co., Ltd., founded in 1974 and achieved 3 decades of steady development, has become a leading company in the cabling industry. Headquartered in Florida of United States and branches distributed throughout the world, our business prevails all over the world. Besides the indigenous factory in the United States, the company has set up the factories both in Mainland and Taiwan of China for the sake of the close proximity to its international clients and the provision of the rapidest delivery and higher quality service.

In order to better serve the Chinese Mainland, Proust International Network Co., Ltd. has launched a generic cabling solution in conformity with the customer needs of Chinese Mainland. The eminent products quality has won Proust the reputation and preference among Chinese clients.

PROUST Generic Cabling System

Proust is well known for its whole set of structured cabling solutions, including the currently prevalent 7- type and 6A-type (FTP)Shielding cabling systems, 6 types of unshielded cabling systems, and super five-type cabling systems etc. The cable management, access, marking and cabling accessories are essential for providing high performance, high reliability, convenience of long-term management and upgrading of cabling systems. For a large number of network cables and jumpers in the low voltage room, Proust's whole intelligent cabling management system can offer the effective maintenance and protection. The altering of cabling system can take several hours or even a few days, however an appropriate cabling management system can do it effortlessly, as well as offer the proper protection of the integrity of the cabling system to ensure that the optimized performance of the cabling system.

The company maintains its leading position in the industry through the launch plan of ingeniously designed new product, which is the outcome of company's increasing investment in research and development.