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As a platform, the network nowadays becomes an indispensable part of business, education, government and f household telecommunication. Proust International Network Corporation, one of the professional, global cabling manufacturers throughout the world has been committed to providing advanced cabling products to customers in various industries. The technology that Proust represents is the foundation of these networks. Since its entry into China in 2006, Proust has made great achievements. In order to better develop the cabling market in China, Proust is looking for outstanding partners all over the nation. Proust is willing to establish a long-term and enduring relationship with partners in China to build a marketing network and enjoy the world's leading technology.

Our strengths:

  • 1Markets derive from innovation:Innovation is the soul of Proust. Only perseverance in technological innovation can we make a breakthrough in products, perseverance in market innovation can make us lead in the market, and perseverance in service innovation can make us win the approval.
  • 2Growth stems from change: In the face of market change, Proust has been maintaining a sharp judgment on the future market, accurately examining the development of enterprises, adhering to "support the growth of partners", being committed to introducing innovative technologies and ideas to partners, and creating differentiated value for partners and customers to help them achieve profitability and growth.
  • 3Value originates from embodiment: What you can see is our comprehensive integrated cabling product solution, providing end-to-end multiple implementations, multi-level product systems, and the same cabling we can provide more.
  • 4Support seamless docking:The company has a special technical support center and customer service center. Once you encounter any problem, you can contact the support department at any time, receiving the company’s 7days and 24 hours cautious and considerate service.
  • 5Full cooperation of sales:the company helps the regional companies of the partners establish and improve the sales system, divide the regional sales, and provide the product sales support. Strong sales teams, strong project support, and directly into the frontline of the market to cooperate with partners ensure our joint effort to win the future.
  • 6The new model of channel management:With the good market control ability and standardized market operation, you are invited to grow with Proust product sales and obtain rich market returns. The company will spare no effort to protect the reasonable rights and interests of our partners.


Have good regional business relationship and sales network, with product expertise, or by sending personnel to participate in Proust wiring engineer technical training and can pass the technical assessment of the product. Be able to organize and finance, provide guarantee to sales activities, have good reputation, actively participate in and focus on promoting Proust wiring products, in line with Proust marketing strategy. A corporate entity with an independent legal person is a must.

Commitments to be fulfilled:

Strictly abide by the terms of the application, actively develop subordinate sales channels. In accordance with Proust's deployment, look for customers and submit monthly sales reports / market development (Cultivation) Plan on time. Be loyal to Proust wiring products, actively promote Proust cabling products, and never harm the interest Proust and our products. Be willing to work with Proust to maintain a stable and reasonable market price system, take the initiative to communicate with Proust, and complete the information feedback required by Proust.

With us, you will get a unique opportunity; with a high-speed growth company and a high-speed growth of the market together, you are expected to have a brighter future!