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Quality Guarantee


The Proust Quality Assurance System is a 25-year standard-based performance assurance that includes the components and labor costs required for the repair or replacement of components specified in the certificate and quality Assurance guidelines.

This quality assurance provides a single point of contact for registration and system issues, which should be installed by a Proust certified installer with RCDD or Proust approved equivalent qualifications.

For registered projects, the Proust 25-year system quality Assurance Certificate is issued directly to customers, certifying that its newly installed structured cabling system has excellent quality assurance to ensure customer confidence and product security.

This program is quite flexible and allows for legal additions, movements, and changes to registered projects at the time of completion or after the changes have accumulated to a certain extent. Please note that if the movement is in line with the manufacturer's guideline and the length stipulated by TIA/EIA 568-B.1, the movement of terminating jumper won't affect the effectiveness of warranty in the quality assurance channel.

The quality assurance provided for the installation project is as follows:

1. Each registered link and / or channel will meet or exceed the performance requirements of the designated link and / or channel classification specified in the communication cabling standards of commercial building in the quality assurance certificate.

2. Each registered link and / or channel will support all current and future network applications designed to operate on specified links and / or channel classifications specified in the communication cabling standards of commercial building in the certificate, including the suggested gigabit Ethernet (1000BaseT)Protocol.

3. During normal processing and use, all connection hardware and cables used in structured cabling systems are defectless in material and process.

How to apply for system assurance

Proust 25-year system warranty requirements for registration are as follows:

1. The construction party should be a legitimate Proust certified installer

- Certification of installers should refer to the relevant application procedures

- the personnel of installer should receive the training concerning installation and construction

- Correct installation and maintenance of Proust connection hardware and supporting products through training

- to be trained under the key installation requirements specified in Commercial Building Telecommunications Wiring Standard(TIA/EIA)

2, 50% Engineering staff responsible for the installation of copper system must hold Proust copper training certificate, 100% cable installation personnel

must have a Proust cable installation certificate, including two days of training 

courses and two weeks of field installation training. under the supervision of senior cable technicians

3. Project installation must comply with Proust System Quality Assurance Regulations.

4. Prior to the commencement of the project, a structured cabling system installer agreement signed by the installer should be submitted to Proust.

5. The construction of the project must be supervised by the engineers approved by Proust on the spot, and the application for system quality assurance must be signed and submitted.

6. The installer shall submit a full quality assurance application in the structured cabling system installer agreement and specifies the details of the project.

7. If an open system cable is used, a pre-registration of the project shall be submitted to Proust to verify that the cable manufacturer's component number is approved by Proust and can be applied to the quality assurance scheme.

8. Attach standards-based test results, which should be tested using an approved field tester and test line.

9. Attach as-built drawing showing the location of the working area between the socket and the telecommunication wiring.